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Radiator Items and Fuel System

Radiator Cap Regular
Part Code :- SITL-1801A
Radiator Cap SS
Part Code :- SITL-1801
Radiater Cowl NM
Part Code :- SITL-1802A
Radiater Cowl LM
Part Code :- SITL-1802B
Radiater Cowl
Part Code :- SITL-1802
Fan Sonalika Black
Part Code :- SITL-1804A
Radiater Fan Sonalika
Part Code :- SITL-1804
Fan Spacer Big
Part Code :- SITL-1805
Spacer for Fan Small
Part Code :- SITL-1806
Fuel Tank Cap WO Lock
Part Code :- SITL-1807B
Fuel Tank Cap LT
Part Code :- SITL-1807
Fuel Cock Assy OM Brass
Part Code :- SITL-1808A
Fuel Cock Assy Sonalika
Part Code :- SITL-1808
Fuel Cock Assy RX Al
Part Code :- SITL-1809
Fuel Cock RX Brass
Part Code :- SITL-1810
Overflow Pipe 17-19
Part Code :- SITL-1811
Tanki Pipe Rx Small
Part Code :- SITL-1812A
Tanki Pipe RX Big
Part Code :- SITL-1812B
Fuel Return Pipe 19-19
Part Code :- SITL-1812
Fuel Return Pipe
Part Code :- SITL-1813
Water Pump Assy Simpson ENG
Part Code :- SITL-1815A
Water Pump Assy 125 Dia
Part Code :- SITL-1815
Water Pump Assy 125 Dia Long
Part Code :- SITL-1816
Water Pump 113Dia
Part Code :- SITL-1818
Water Pump 103 Turbo
Part Code :- SITL-1819A
Water Pump Bearing
Part Code :- SITL-1819B
Water Pump Assy 103 Dia
Part Code :- SITL-1819
Water Pump Assy 90 Dia
Part Code :- SITL-1819
Thermostat Body Plastic
Part Code :- SITL-1820A
Thermostat Body with Value
Part Code :- SITL-1820
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