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Sonalika Clutch Parts

Clutch Plate 11 Inch
Part Code :- SITL-1201
Clutch Facing 11 inch NA
Part Code :- SITL-1202A
Clutch Plate 11 Inch NA
Part Code :- SITL-1202
Clutch Plate 5 Spring Mah Type
Part Code :- SITL-1203A
Clutch Plate 11 Inch Spring Type
Part Code :- SITL-1203
Clutch Plate 11
Part Code :- SITL-1204
Clutch Plate 12inch
Part Code :- SITL-1205A
Clutch Plate 12 inch NA
Part Code :- SITL-1205B
Clutch Plate 11
Part Code :- SITL-1205
Clutch Plate Pad 4 Fan
Part Code :- SITL-1206A
Clutch Plate Pad 4 Fan Cut Type
Part Code :- SITL-1206B
Clutch Plate 3 Fan
Part Code :- SITL-1206C
Clutch Plate 4 Fan
Part Code :- SITL-1206
Clutch Plate Valeo
Part Code :- SITL-1207A
Clutch Plate 6 Fan
Part Code :- SITL-1207B
Clutch Plate 7 Fan
Part Code :- SITL-1207C
Clutch Plate 5 Fan
Part Code :- SITL-1207
Clutch Bearing
Part Code :- SITL-1208
Clutch Release Bearing 1310
Part Code :- SITL-1209
Clutch Release BRG VKC-3527
Part Code :- SITL-1210
Clutch Lever KIT 8 Item
Part Code :- SITL-1211
Clutch Kit Main NM
Part Code :- SITL-1212A
Clutch Kit Sonalika Main
Part Code :- SITL-1212
Clutch Kit PTO NM
Part Code :- SITL-1213A
Clutch Kit Luk PTO
Part Code :- SITL-1213
Pressure Plate ASSy
Part Code :- SITL-1214
Pressure Plate Assy Diaphram
Part Code :- SITL-1215
Clutch Spring OM
Part Code :- SITL-1216
Coil Pressure Spring
Part Code :- SITL-1217
Anti Rattle Spring
Part Code :- SITL-1218
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