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Subina Exports


Sonalika Electrical Parts

Indicator Switch
Part Code :- SITL-1151
Brake Switch
Part Code :- SITL-1152A
Hazard Switch
Part Code :- SITL-1152
Combination Switch RX
Part Code :- SITL-1153A
Combination Switch
Part Code :- SITL-1153
Tail Light LH
Part Code :- SITL-1154
Tail Light RH
Part Code :- SITL-1155
Front Light LH
Part Code :- SITL-1156
Front Light RH
Part Code :- SITL-1157
Light Switch
Part Code :- SITL-1160
Starting Switch
Part Code :- SITL-1161
Oil Pressure Switch 1 Pin
Part Code :- SITL-1162
Oil Pressure Switch 2 Pin
Part Code :- SITL-1163
Oil Pressure Switch 3 Pin
Part Code :- SITL-1164
Temp Sensor Mech
Part Code :- SITL-1165A
Temp Sensor Elec
Part Code :- SITL-1165
Head Light
Part Code :- SITL-1168A
Head Light RX
Part Code :- SITL-1168B
Head Light Common
Part Code :- SITL-1168
Horn Switch
Part Code :- SITL-1169
Temp Guage Mech
Part Code :- SITL-1170
Oil Pressure Guage
Part Code :- SITL-1171
Speedo Meter CW
Part Code :- SITL-1172
Speedo Meter ACW
Part Code :- SITL-1173
Tail Light Guard RH Bolt
Part Code :- SITL-1175
Tail Light Guard LH With Bolt
Part Code :- SITL-1176
Starting Switch RX
Part Code :- SITL-1179
Starting Switch
Part Code :- SITL-1180A
Starting Switch Key
Part Code :- SITL-1180
Dashboard RX
Part Code :- SITL-1182A
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