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Sonalika Hose Pipes

Grey Estrada Marble

Standard Specifications & Technical Data:

Type: Marble
Color: Grey base
Pattern: Golden veins, red accent
Surface finish: Polished, honed
Applications: Kitchen countertops, backsplash, bathroom countertops, sinks, stair treads and risers
Material availability: Slabs, blocks, tiles
Size: Standard sizes and thickness
Availability: In stock

Radiater Hose
Part Code :- SITL-1101
Radiater Hose
Part Code :- SITL-1102
Hose Top Straight
Part Code :- SITL-1103
Hose Top Straight
Part Code :- SITL-1104
Hose Return Line to Thermostat
Part Code :- SITL-1105
Hose Thermostat
Part Code :- SITL-1106
Air Cleaner
Part Code :- SITL-1107
Air Cleaner Hose
Part Code :- SITL-1108
Air Cleaner Hose
Part Code :- SITL-1109
Air Cleaner Hose L Type
Part Code :- SITL-1110
Hose Suction Strainer
Part Code :- SITL-1111
Hose Suction Strainer Big
Part Code :- SITL-1112
Hose Suction Side
Part Code :- SITL-1113
Hose Pipe Kit ITL
Part Code :- SITL-1114A
Hose Pipe Kit
Part Code :- SITL-1114B
Hose Kit
Part Code :- SITL-1114
Hyd Suction Hose Small
Part Code :- SITL-1115
Hyd Suction Hose Big
Part Code :- SITL-1116
Radiater Hose Simp
Part Code :- SITL-1117
Dry AC Hose
Part Code :- SITL-1118
Hose Pipe S Type
Part Code :- SITL-1119
Hose 4891
Part Code :- SITL-1120
Dry AC Hose
Part Code :- SITL-1121
AC Hose RX
Part Code :- SITL-1122